The Organisation

Newton Stewart Initiative – A Brief Summary of the Organisation:

Registered Charity

Scottish Registered Charity No. SC029869

With Directors

Executive Committee (meet monthly) – 14 of 15 places filled
Chair- Susan Moffat – Director | Vice Chair – under election | Treasurer – Isabel Milroy  | Secretary – Laura Hunter – Director | Margaret Munro – Director | Anne McCreadie – Director | Susan McKie – Director | Linda Woodfield – Director | David Bleasedale – Director | Andrew Robbins – Director | Antony Berretti – Director | Wilma MacDonald

Project Manager: David Mitchinson

Circa 87 Ordinary Members

Volunteer Operational Management:

Monthly Executive Meetings:
Core group – business/major decisions made
Work allocation

Sub Group Meetings:
Groups formed for specific projects/pieces of work EG Newton Stewart Centre, Douglas Park.
Meet regularly and as and when required
Involvement of other groups/members

Community Involvement:

Regular updates in local press
All members sent circular information whenever appropriate
Use of Social Media – Facebook page
Own web page and links to it from other websites
Public meetings
NSI attendance at other committee meetings
Public consultations
Members from other groups invited to join focused sub groups to take projects forward

Financial Management:

We have a number of pots of money to be used for different areas of work:

Ring-fenced funds available for:
Douglas Park Development
Community Centre Development
Newton Stewart Centre (The Hut) – Completed January, 2016
Notice Boards – Unveiled 1st February, 2016

Fixed Assets:  Newton Stewart Centre.

Core funding for general use

Fundrasing Events 2017 :
MAYFAYRE – Saturday 27TH May 2017 

Community Shop  Now Opened September 2nd 2017. Open Mon – Sat 10am to 4pm.  Volunteer run project with donated goods.

Winterfayre – Saturday 18th November