The vision is to develop a Centre that provides modern state of the art facilities and accommodation that will be available at affordable costs for a range of community groups and activities.
It is hoped that the facility can also be used as a central point for service provision from a range of sectors and organisations.  We will be holding two days of consultations with the Community at Newton Stewart Centre on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June where we will be discussing this project in more detail.

The recently held two days of Community consultations on what people would like to see was very well attended.  School groups were invited along to let us have their thoughts on what a Community Facility should ‘look & feel’ like with some really great feedback from them. The older generation also came along and gave their views from location, to what events could be held, to what was needed inside – small rooms; big rooms; play areas; cafe; sports and everything in between.  Some more consultations will take place over the next months and once all the information is gathered, documented and analysed then the next phase of this project will be announced.