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Local Place Plan Initial Results out now

Would you like to see change in Newton Stewart?

Do you feel strongly about the future of the town?

If so, we want to hear from you

Thank you so much to everyone who filled in an initial survey for the Local Place Plan. We had 183 responses and a lot of comments/ideas on how as a community we can move the town forward. Some of these ideas have already been taken on board by local groups in the community and it has become a working document which has been shared with various groups and bodies within the community so far.

Some examples of how we have moved ahead so far:

NSI recruited four youth workers in March 2023 in response to the views that there needed to be more activities for young people in the area. They have been working together with Youthwork DG to run drop ins at the centre and create a timetable of events for the summer holidays.

WOMANS have organised hanging baskets for the high street, brightening up the high street.

Cree Valley Business Association has been set up to give local businesses and business owners a joint voice within the community and support local businesses.

Behind the scenes there is a lot of planning and organising going on with regards the initial responses which you can find below

How can you help shape the future of Newton Stewart?

The initial survey was created to gauge how people felt about the town and where improvements could be made. Now we want to hear from you again to create a more detailed plan on how we can work together as a town to begin implementing some of the bigger changes needed.

The Place Planning Tool was created by the Scottish Government to cover a wide variety of topics such as

•             Care and maintenance

•             Work and local economy

•             Influence and Sense of Control

•             Public Transport

Your voice matters in developing a Local Place Plan for the town. Your views and opinions will lead to a steering group being created and everything is then fed into an overall plan being created by D&G Council.

If you want to keep a green space in the town let us know.

 If you want to see our empty shops being filled let us know.

If you want to see change in the town that allows us to thrive together let us know.

If you are fed up with certain things let us know.

It is only through sharing your voice that changes can happen.

To let us know your thoughts you can visit Place Assessment Tool | Our Place